COVID-19 Stories Part 2

By Wendy Gregory-Bollen

I kind of get that people don’t really want me around, but what am I supposed to do exactly?
It’s difficult, like being the only single woman at a dinner party. The host acknowledges I’m there but really they just want to get rid of me as soon as possible.
This morning I was called “a nasty little speck!” Can you believe it? Mind you, it’s not the worst thing I’ve been called by any means. Despicable, destructive, devastating, even evil.
On the plus side, I don’t make any noise, I’m not particularly fussy about where I stay and I don’t judge people.
I just go in, do my job as best I can and move on.

Coronavirus days
By Amanda Buchan

Sometimes I sit in my doorway and a neighbour I have never met stops to chat.
We wave, we clap together.
The streets, the far off frightening hospitals, worlds away.
My contribution is not to contribute. A yolk in my egg house.
I observe the birds, and silence and colours. I hide lest it notice and touch me, like a deadly game of tag.
I am working my way through my cupboards, using up past sell by dated disinfectant, rice and biscuits.
I cracked open the Christmas walnuts. Nestled inside each is a wrinkled, perfectly matched pair of golden lungs.

Philip Appleton

Eight degrees – t-shirt – light jumper – fresh breeze – blue sky – empty streets – birds  singing – woodpecker drilling – red kite soaring – aeroplane screaming – bright sun – long shadows – dog mess – soft, dewy grass – brown cows grazing – white gates opening – light and dark shades of green – gnarled, smooth, dead wood – trees – crunchy gravel – sunlit glades – thoughts free – writing ideas – Long Walk – fit man – large woman – jumping ponytail – thin legs, fit legs, large legs – white skins, brown skins – headphones – light traffic – roadworks – hill climb – home – relaxed – croissants, coffee. 

Cabin Fever
By Nitin Suneja

Nine weeks into isolation with six people from three generations stuck in a normally happy home.
Tensions have been growing recently. The teenage children want/need to meet their friends. Grandparents believe it is just another flu virus. How bad can it really be?
And the parents, stuck in the middle, desperately trying keep everyone safe by following government guidelines.
Meanwhile, the news reports on people in the government not following the rules themselves. They have access to the latest information. Do they know something they’re not telling us? Do we really need to isolate?
What should we do?

By Kanthé

Is this the way the world ends?
Is this the way the world ends?
Not with a bang … but a fight over toilet rolls?
The shelves all empty – round the block, there’s queues.
People in the pubs still drinkin’
And I’m in the park still thinkin’
‘Where do I get a loaf of bread
Some chilli sauce and a measly tin of beans.
Lookin’ at the nurse cryin’ in her car
Me – moanin’ in her sleep
This is the way society ends
Not with a bang … but a virus.
There’s nothing on the shelves for you – fat lady
…Waddle and you’ll starve.
©️ Kanthé 2020

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