COVID-19 Stories

Pixelated Pilates Professionals
By Vivien Eden

Pixelated Pilates professionals,
YouTube strangers teaching my household PE,
Graduating from Couch to 5k.
I will not become a lard-ass because of this.

Hunting and gathering essentials
Despite clearly having the plague;
I’m having an anthropological field day,
Oi Hannibal Lecter, aren’t you my window cleaner?

Urgently required: flower seeds and tomato plants
A garden lounge set and gas barbecue
Dartboards, boules and a swing.
No, you can’t have a sodding trampoline.

A healthy body needs an educated mind,
Jigsaws, audiobooks and online theatre.
Baking is basically mathematics children;
Oh just give him the X-Box and pass me a gin.

Life in Lockdown
By Shirley De Vivo

An explosion across the world
Dragging death and disarray.
Novel coronavirus
Now called COVID-19.
Social distancing and lockdown
The new normal!
Stay at home, work from home,
Talk to people on video chats.
How long can we endure this?
Why has it happened?
Is it the earth crying out for help?
See how life can be without 
Millions of cars on the roads
Or thousands of planes in the sky!
Crystal clear air, with
No pollution killing the world!
How can we go back to what we had?
Will they do something about 
Keeping these improvements?
No, probably not!

Social Dodge
By Jonathan Posner

As I walked down Peascod Street, I imagined a two-metre circle around me, like those glows used by rugby pundits on TV to show you where the winger should really have run.
The man came towards me and caught my eye. I gave him the ‘let’s social distance’ half-smile, but he gave me a fixed glare, then walked straight into my two-metre circle.
I dodged left, then right, but he followed and came right up to me.
Then he coughed. I felt the cold spray on my face and in my eyes.
“Enjoy,” he muttered, then walked quickly away.

By June Kerr

My world has got smaller and smaller. My circle of friends lost and forgotten. My life changed and empty. I sit and stare at the wall noticing for the first time that the wallpaper is fading. I don’t care, nothing matters in this catatonic state, not make-up or friendships, clothes or gossip, nothing. Why would they when I no longer care to wash, dress or even try and make contact with the outside world. I sit and I stare and I wonder if it will ever be over and I worry that when it is, I won’t have stopped rocking.

Daily Reality
By Rosa Carr

Our new reality is the never-ending loop of reliving the same day, but we, as the protagonists, can’t escape. Our mission is survival. Keeping the panic at bay while watching the numbers tick upwards. Separated from things that bring us joy. Trapped inside with people we wouldn’t want to spend 24/7 with. Some are finding new passions. Relationship are tested, but new ways of communication and social interactions are developing. 
There is only silver-lining to this nightmare: nature is healing and thriving as humankind diminishes. 
Once we survive this horror, will we change? Will we change the world? Ourselves?

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