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An Octopus and Even Stranger Things have been Sighted in Windsor Great Park

Where to get that nugget of inspiration from? That crumb of brilliance that prompts an outpouring of ideas, adventures, emotions and characters. If in doubt, go for a walk. It’s an age old method that resulted in great success for Sue Blitz when she turned her walk into Battleground Great Park: a short story which will have you pondering what’s really going on with the trees.

Dead trees are selectively left within Windsor Great Park to provide habitats for woodlice, spiders, beetles, butterflies, ladybirds and other insects. Over the course of summer 2020, Sue caught some of these striking wooden masterpieces on camera. Not only are these fallen trees flourishing into wildlife communities, they also provided a flourish of characters for Sue’s story.

Do you see what Sue saw in the trees?

How could anyone fail to see the giant octopus camouflaged as this fallen tree? Given his size he must have been around for some time. What’s he doing there? What’s he thinking?
This snarling crocodile is waiting, just waiting… but for what? Can he move? What’s his prey of choice here in Windsor?
This misaligned eyes, the open mouth as if uttering a blood-curdling cry. This ancient tree has been possessed by an ogre… or was the ogre poseessed by the tree?

Battleground Great park features in Windsor Christmas Tales – a collection of short stories by Windsor Writers Group authors. Official launch is in November 2022.