Writing tasks

By the Waters Edge: Church Stretton

Slip and slide over moss eaten rock and stone

Burbling and murmuring my song

Deep in the valley – the shadows cool me down

The sun warms me up.

Fishes and tadpoles and toads swim within me

Boys lark amidst me in purple shorts

Their girls dip their feet in me…their skirts hitched up.

Dragonflies flit above me

Bobbing and weaving to and fro

Summer passes through me

The sweet smell of cut grass and mouldy undergrowth

Summer passes throughout me

With sounds and thoughts and laughter.

In broken shards of light that glimmer

On my surface

As summer flows through me

Sharp, clear bright waters colour me

Ice-cold and pure

On my tongue.

© Kanthé 2022

Inspired by a school trip. Pen put to paper in response to a Windsor Writers Group task on mindlefulness earlier this year.

Interesting fact: We all discovered that mindlefulness is a tricky thing to embody when you are writing because by actually writing, you are by definition not being in the moment, but thinking about something else. It caused much healthy debate and discussion… and several pieces on what the seat feels like beneath one’s bottom…