Six word stories

This month’s task was to write a six word story on cake.

• Cut the cake, eat more salads.
• More champagne, one cake, two forks.
• The cake: cocaine. Bring ’em in
• Happiness is a piece of cake
• Window glass, cakes inside, money spent
• What? Jamaica Ginger? No, sponge cake

• Scone.The fastest cake in Scotland.
• Who ate all the cakes. Me.
• Fruit cake. Is it current? Discuss.
• Mr Kipling, will you marry me?
• Cake. Loved by lips and hips.
• Cake. Insert into mouth for pleasure.
• Weight watchers cake – prepare for disappointment.
• Eat muffins. Wear them for life.
• Eat cake. Get fat. Die happy.
• Cake. Provider of diabetes and obesity.

• Last icing swirl wrong. Start again.
• One nut in the mix? Sorry!

• The guests departed, the cake uncut.

• Cake shop on fire fireman munching.
• Mud caked hand rises from the dirt.
• Cupcake shared, one dead, one alive.

• Kirsty’s cake crumbled under close scrutiny.

• Birthday cake. Marriage cake. Death cake.

• All day baking. All night crying.

• She baked. We ate; survived. Barely.
• She chose sponge. He’d wanted fruit.





A year in review

A year ago we celebrated the launch of our anthology of short stories about or set in Windsor, Windsor Tales. It was a great achievement for us.

Since then we’ve welcomed some new members who have been great additions to the group and brought a new fresh outlook into the group.

We’ve found a new venue which is perfect. The Hope Pub, on Alma Road, has a big room called the library which is perfect for us writers and book lovers.

We’ve had a few guest speakers, Essie Fox, Tessa Harris, and David Bullock. All local author who we’ve enjoyed learning from and hearing their stories.

Now we look to future meetings and are always welcoming new members.



Author Panel Event

The author panel was a great success on Thursday night as part of the Windsor Festival.

Jonathan was joined by Julie Cohen, Tessa Harris, Essie Fox, and Oliver Tidy.

This event recalls our founding, back in 2013. There was an author panel which Julie and Essie were also part of and someone asked if there was a local writing group and thus Windsor Writers was born.


It’s behind you!

Creating tension & suspense in fiction, a workshop by author Tessa Harris. 

Tessa joined our group this month to teach us about her techniques for creating suspense.  A big thanks to Tessa, I’m sure we’ll all be using suspense in some for in our work in future. 

Tessa Harris is the author of 7 historical suspense novels, her most recent published this year is The Sixth Victim which is about Jack the Ripper. 


Windsor Tales book launch

We launched our book at an event on Thursday evening and it was a great success. The Firestation was an excellent venue.
 Our books were flying off the table.


Some of us read out parts of the stories.


And there was art on display from the But Is It Art? group.

Big thank you from the whole group to everyone who showed their support.

And if you missed the event, there are books available for purchase online

Buy now