Six word stories

This month’s task was to write a six word story on cake.

• Cut the cake, eat more salads.
• More champagne, one cake, two forks.
• The cake: cocaine. Bring ’em in
• Happiness is a piece of cake
• Window glass, cakes inside, money spent
• What? Jamaica Ginger? No, sponge cake

• Scone.The fastest cake in Scotland.
• Who ate all the cakes. Me.
• Fruit cake. Is it current? Discuss.
• Mr Kipling, will you marry me?
• Cake. Loved by lips and hips.
• Cake. Insert into mouth for pleasure.
• Weight watchers cake – prepare for disappointment.
• Eat muffins. Wear them for life.
• Eat cake. Get fat. Die happy.
• Cake. Provider of diabetes and obesity.

• Last icing swirl wrong. Start again.
• One nut in the mix? Sorry!

• The guests departed, the cake uncut.

• Cake shop on fire fireman munching.
• Mud caked hand rises from the dirt.
• Cupcake shared, one dead, one alive.

• Kirsty’s cake crumbled under close scrutiny.

• Birthday cake. Marriage cake. Death cake.

• All day baking. All night crying.

• She baked. We ate; survived. Barely.
• She chose sponge. He’d wanted fruit.




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